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General Mitchlin & the Rat Patrol Red Sun Tiger

General Mitchlin & the Rat Patrol

Red Sun Tiger

Published July 3rd 2007
ISBN : 9781434321879
120 pages
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 About the Book 

This is the story about a Mousecium known as General Mitchelin and his endless journies through time and space and what he thinks of life as life is truly meant to be. In his first journey through life he deals with a Rat Infestation form New York. It seems since the War of 65 when the Rats from New York tried to over run their Society they had developed the means to ward or fight off these NYRTs attacks through what had become to be known as the Rat Patrol. This is where the story starts, a young Mousecium Called General Mitchelin of whom lost his parents in the War of 65 and now is faced with the War of 06 in a City Called Denver. The technology of both races are intertwined with the abilities given to them by the humians of which was within their grasp at librairies and endless documentaries, movies, and TV shows. The sewers of Denver become the endless battle ground for the freedom and peace of the Mouseciums or the total genocide of a race of beings that had only wanted peace & freedom. So General Mitchelin and a crew of about twenty decide that genocide is not, nor shall it ever be the answer when it comes to the very aspects of their very own freedoms and peace that is meant to be. So General Mitchelin decides that War will be the final answer even if he stronlgly disagrees wthin self & self will that this is the only reason to war. Which is Genicide of a race known as the Mouseciums and this is not acceptable even with a strong disagreement from self & self will alone...Starhawk...