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Waking the Angel:A Mindlord Novel Igor Swann

Waking the Angel:A Mindlord Novel

Igor Swann

Published March 1st 2006
Kindle Edition
373 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Angel has always felt the world had it in for him, but now he realized the universe felt the same way. Abducted by your every day anal probing aliens, he found himself in a wonderful world where fantasy meets science fiction and mythology stands in for reality. Unfortunately he has little time for exploration between his training and discovering his destiny.Finding that he has lost his mind, literally, and can now play tic-tac-toe against it seems of little comfort with so many unanswered questions plaguing him. Questions like who decorated his quarters and did he die painfully?A difficult choice faces him- attempt to save the universe or attempt to save the earth. Joined on this futile quest by a size changing blue monkey, a magic spy, and a hammer wielding little person as well as two dangerous blonds, and a really dangerous little eight-year-old girl he is going to try his utmost to save something. At least he has Skibladne- the amazing ship of legends, to ensure someone is going to be envious of him before the end. An end that might well have occurred two weeks ago and everybody know time travel is a myth.