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The Wolf And The Buffalo Elmer Kelton

The Wolf And The Buffalo

Elmer Kelton

Published December 31st 1989
ISBN : 9780816147663
566 pages
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 About the Book 

The Wolf and the Buffalo describes the experiences of two men - Gideon Ledbetter, a recently freed black slave, who stumbles into the army as a raw recruit, and Gray Horse, a Comanche Warrior who is destined to watch the fading away of the Comanche nation. Gideon undergoes indignities common to his race in the prevalent times and has to dig deep into his soul to overcome bitterness and turn out to be a fine soldier. Gray Horse is a free spirit who cannot abide to live as a domesticated spirit in the Comanche reservation that whites have marked out.The changes in character of both men as life teaches them bitter lessons is brought out well. I would definitely recommend this book with a rating of 4/5.