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Children and Their Urban Environment: Changing Worlds Claire Freeman

Children and Their Urban Environment: Changing Worlds

Claire Freeman

Published April 1982
213 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

I found a tattered, dog-eared copy of this book on the London underground, after having read it i can hand on heart say that had i found a pile of money instead i would not have gained as much.The book is made up of short stories set in post-war Italy, it features two main characters, Don Camillo the village priest and Peppone the Mayor, similar to one another in that they are both physically imposing, warm and caring, honest and noble, quick to anger and even quicker to kindness, they are however deeply divided by politics, with Don Camillo championing the side of the United States and the catholic church, and Peppone being a staunch communist with a great admiration for Russia, the two men delight in causing each other mischief, the results of which almost always end in comedy or danger, yet when things truly go bad, when their stubborn adherence to their respective beliefs has obviously gone too far they help one another and forget their politics, this book re-enforces the message time and again that no matter what your political beliefs, love for your neighbour and his/her well-being should always come first.I dont want to ruin any of the stories for you so i wont go into detail, yes they are dated but that is to be expected, as far as i know the authors works are no longer printed in English which to my mind is a great pity, as i found these stories to be charming and often laugh-out-loud funny, sometimes mysteriously magical and other times heart-breaking, as in the case of the story entitled The Closed Gate.Having lost my religious faith some time ago and having still not found it, this book and the others that Giovanni Guareschi wrote have given me great hope and comfort.