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Strip for Daddy Imogen Linn

Strip for Daddy

Imogen Linn

Published December 21st 2011
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Stacy has always had a thing for her step-father, Carl. So much so she had to run away to college in New York. She couldnt bear it if he ever found out that shes been stripping, and more, at bachelor parties to pay her way through school.Carl has caught himself lusting after Stacy, and the guilt and shame are getting to him.When his colleagues hire a no holes barred private entertainer for their company party, Carl and Stacy find themselves in a role-play scenario with a difference. Can Stacy get through tonight without being found out, and what will Carl do if he realizes tonights little slut really is his little girl?Strip for Daddy is a sizzling pseudo-incest story featuring very graphic descriptions of striptease, step-father/step-daughter sex, group sex, anal sex and more.Length: Approx. 11,500 wordsTags: erotic fiction, erotica, explicit, hardcore, pseudo-incest, daddy, daddy sex stories, taken by daddy, stepfather-stepdaughter incest, stripping, striptease, anal sex, oral sex, group sex, gangbang, gang bang, orgy, multiple partnersEXCERPTShe assumed a pose - left hand straight down at her side, holding the bag, right hand at her waist, standing hip-shot with her shoulders back, her pose presenting an aggressive sexuality to match the boldness of her costume. She nodded to her guard, who knocked loudly on the suites door.From his chair, Carl heard the knock at the door, and then someone opening it. A sultry voice said, Hi. Im Candy.Of course you are, Mikes voice replied.Someone told me my Daddy was here, her voice went on, getting closer and closer to Carls chair, and I need to find him, because Ive been such a very, very, bad girl.Carl sensed her leaning over him - she smelled of perfume, something musky and not even a little bit innocent. Her fingers grasped the bag the guys had put over his head.I need to find him, boys. Tell me, is this my...?The bag was pulled off his head, and Carl got his first look at the girl who, for tonight, was going to be the Stacy of his darkest, most secret dreams. She stood in front of his chair, her black PVC trench-coat spread open to display the toned, slender body beneath, snugly-sheathed in shiny black plastic.Daddy! she breathed, the word a shocked whisper.God, shes hot, Carl thought to himself. She had roughly the same body type as Stacy, but she was a little older, a lot taller, and her hair and eyes were very different than those of his little girl. Shes close enough, though, he thought, definitely close enough, for tonight.