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Wicked Casino Nora Cougars

Wicked Casino

Nora Cougars

Kindle Edition
216 pages
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 About the Book 

After taking control of a new casino Selena is charged with improving cash-flow and attracting more high-stakes players. The casinos beautiful and inexperienced female staff quickly become trained in the arts of seduction and domination.Keeping the girls well behaved and the customers satisfied proves to be a challenge for the Mistress. As a sharp business woman and strict boss she has to discipline the girls herself and lead by example.Word of their sordid services arouses the attention of some very alpha customers whose gambling and sexual habits threaten her business and who might be too big for her and her girls to handle.Warning: This 72,000 word erotic tale is meant for adults with decadent tastes that include anal sex, oral, bondage, discipline & domination, multiple menage including M/F, F/F and many other delicious treats meant to arouse and entertain.