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Married to the Minotaur (Queen of Monsters, #1) (Monster Sex) Erica Stone

Married to the Minotaur (Queen of Monsters, #1) (Monster Sex)

Erica Stone

Kindle Edition
18 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

No chance to survive – thats what Ariadne thought she had, tossed into the labyrinth as her kingdoms yearly virgin sacrifice to the gods. But deep inside the heart of the maze, she found the minotaur – a savage beast as lustful as Ariadne was willing to please. Now she sits the throne as queen, ruling her people with absolute power by day and being dominated by her minotaur protector each night. But when a delegation of satyrs enter the kingdom demanding a decades worth of back taxes, Ariadne will strike a bargain to give herself as payment – one that will change the balance of power between the queen and her beast lover forever.This 5,600 word story features a powerful queen being dominated on her own throne, a satyr gangbang, and a minotaur who unleashes his sexual fury whenever and however he wants. ***FOR ADULTS ONLY***Sample:“Is it true,” she asks, “what our legends say about satyrs?”The sight of these three creatures lust causes Ariadne to reciprocate almost without thinking. She feels a flush come over her cheeks, a warm ache spreading between her legs. She wonders if Minos will be able to smell it on her.“And what do your legends say about satyrs?” Penn asks.Ariadne can feel her nipples stiffening under the thin fabric of her dress. Minos is staring at her now. The feel of these creatures eyes mentally undressing her, already fantasizing about what theyre going to do to her body has her fighting a tremble in her legs. Shes going to be dripping wet soon.“They say that satyrs are insatiable creatures, endlessly horny. They say youll fuck anything that moves, mortal or no, and-” she slides the dress down her shoulders, exposing her ample breasts, “-that youre so good at fucking that once you take a woman, shes no longer satisfied by human lovers.”“All true,” Penn says. A chuckle passes through Munkir and Nakir. “And,” he says, eyes locked on her breasts, “I have heard much about you as well, Queen Ariadne. I think we understand each other very well.”Ariadnes eyes lock in on Penns member, her eyes shining with need. Just because Im doing this for my kingdom, she thinks, doesnt mean I cant enjoy it. “Yes,” she says, her voice smoky with lust, “we understand each other very well.”