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Francis Bacon Anthony Quinton

Francis Bacon

Anthony Quinton

Published August 25th 1983
ISBN : 9780192875242
86 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

A short and fairly good overview of the philosophy of Francis Bacon. The approach seemed more historical than purely philosophical as the presentation contained much about the philosophical and scientific climate in which Bacon developed his ideas as well as his predecessors, contemporaries, and future disciples- but not many details on his actual system. Bacons philosophy of science is dealt with as it relates to other philosophers ideas of science, logic and knowledge and its consequences and relation to contemporary scientific development is treated in some detail, but the system itself is only presented very briefly.The result is that one puts down the book feeling as having obtained a fair understanding of Bacons role in the historic development of the philosophy of science, but having only a superficial grasp of the philosophical ideas themselves.