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Other People Francis Gideon

Other People

Francis Gideon

Published May 4th 2014
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Carl Bodewell and John Fitzgerald broke up nearly a month ago, much to Carl’s relief. When he gets a call from his ex, he dreams of telling John off. He’d love to never have to deal with the man again But John has been attacked, and he killed the attacker in self-defense. Now he needs help disposing of the body.As the two begin to clean up and hide the evidence, Carl thinks back to the beginning of their relationship, their trip to Maine together, and their eventual break-up. Carl has always believed he ended the relationship because John was too clingy. But after seeing the crime scene, hearing the story behind it, and remembering his own past, Carl begins to doubt all the things he used to take for granted. By morning, Carl wonders if seeing other people was really such a good idea, especially if John is really the only man he can depend on.